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This programme provides a clear, end-to-end understanding of how blockchain works. It breaks down blockchain technology and architecture in easy-to-understand concepts, terms and building blocks. Industry drivers and impacts of blockchain are explained, followed by plain English descriptions of each primary part of a blockchain system and step-by-step descriptions of how these parts work together.

Duration Five (5) days programme : 7 hours per day

Programme Fee Course fee : RM 3,800

Registration fee : RM 200

Total Fee : RM 4,000

Learning Outcomes • Apply theories and concepts in the decisionmaking process in the business environment • Generate solutions to problems using scientific and critical thinking skill • Demonstrate the skills of blockchain technology knowledge in their career development


Day 1 Introduction to Blockchain - What is blockchain technology - Blockchain fundamentals - Blockchain Terms - Understanding Consensus & Validation - Different types of DLT Networks - How Users roles works as DLT An overview introduction about the fundamentals of blockchain Better understanding and concept of airconditioning 7 hours

Day 2 Blockchain Technology: Why, What, How - The usage of decentralized ledger system - Security, integrity and privacy issues of a decentralized system Understanding the concept of blockchain technology Able to identify every blockchain technology components in term of ledger systems for better understanding and servicing. 7 hours

Day 3 How Blockchain is different from traditional technologies - How Blockchain is different from traditional technologies - Involvement of current technologies Understanding the difference between traditional technologies and current in the blockchain industry. Able to identify the difference between traditional technologies and current in the blockchain industry 7 hours Blockchain Platforms - Classification of Blockchain Platforms - Highlights of Major Blockchain Platform - What is Ethereum A step-by-step practical approach for blockchain platforms and the concept of Ethereum. Correct way of handling platforms, give correct diagnostics and appropriate way of servicing. 

Day 4 Blockchain Applications - 6 selection criteria for Blockchain applications - Blockchain and Enterprise; A Technology of Coordination Better understanding on blockchain applications with and without the involvement of technologies Correct way of using applications in enterprises and the used of technology 7 hours

Day 5 The Limitations, Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain - 5 modules in Blockchain system - Limitations of Blockchains - Risks and Limitations of Blockchain Understand the limitations, opportunities and challenges of Blockchain Correct application on Blockchain’s limitation, opportunities and challenges faced 7 hours Legal Regulations for Blockchain - Understanding the procedure of related law regulation of Blockchain Understanding the legal regulations for Blockchain A more structured knowledge in term of Blockchain’s legal regulations 

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